God's Love in a Loveless World

I took this picture last year. The heart shaped hole in the cloud reminded me of God's love. This past week, we had our annual Tent Revival. Bro. Jacob Giesbrecht preached about Jesus. One of his sermons was on God's love. He said something that I never really heard put that way before. He said, "Let God love you." Think about that, "LET God love you." God's love is not something we earn, it isn't something we deserve, it is something we receive. God love is a gift which He has purchased, proven, and provided. All we need to do is receive it.

What is stopping you from receiving God's love? It doesn't matter if you deserve it... "There is none righteous..." It doesn't matter if you feel you've done enough to earn it... it is "not of works." Let God love you. He doesn't need love because He IS Love, God has chosen to love you, simply because He wants to.

The first time Keith actually spoke directly to me, we were doing yard work for a missionary and he ambled over to where I was working. He said these words, "Have you ever wondered why God would love you?" Not a very smooth pickup line, I know! But I appreciated what he was saying. You see there is NO good reason for a Holy, Righteous Creator to love a sinful, ungrateful man or woman. Yet He does because He is. GOD IS LOVE.

The other thing Bro. Giesbrecht reminded us was that God's love is sufficient. Even if no one else loved you, you can be satisfied knowing that God does! God loves you! Remember that when you are bogged down with laundry, dishes, and cooking for what seems like an ungrateful bunch. If you are without a husband, remember God will be your husband, He loves you. God's love never changes because He never changes. Nothing you do, no circumstances, no emotional baggage, no lack of human love will change the fact that God loves you. He loves you whether or not you accept His love.

So, I'll repeat Bro. Giesbrecht's admonition...


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Deborah said...

Amen! I hope you had a good week at your revival meetings!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

That's a good thought.
Hope you had a great week... I'm sure that you did:)
Now... take a rest!

J.H said...

What an encouraging entry sister, thank you :-)

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