Bargains, Bargains, Bargains

A few weeks ago I answered an ad on Kenora's Swap Shop for a piano. A lady around the corner from us was giving away her beautiful piano! So, I took our neighbor, Jessica, a teenage girl from church, to check it out. She played it and it sounded wonderful. The lady told me that she had many people interested, but no one could move the piano. Well, I thought, we have some strong young men in the church who would love to help out the pastor get a free piano for his lovely wife.

Well, it ended up taking six men, three young and three "over thirty", about two hours to move this piano about a block and a half. My husband told me that I owe them each five dozen cookies, because that piano wasn't free, he said. It cost six men their backs! It is a 110 year old piano in very good shape. Now, I just need to learn how to play it!

Another bargain I was able to get for our kids was a free swing set! They have had hours and hours of fun on it. The family had just moved in and needed room for their own swing set. My husband and some of the same men who got my piano took it down and moved it the same day. The next Sunday, my husband publicly threatened to limit my internet privileges. Oh well, I still keep my eyes open for freebies.

Today, I persuaded Keith to take me to some garage sales where I purchased, an almost new snow suit, 2 t-shirts, and 2 undershirts for Josie; a dress shirt for Jerry, 15 books, assorted hair accessories, and a child's tape recorder -- ALL For $11.00!!!!

I've had a great couple of weeks!!!

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Deborah said...

Great bargain hunting! At least the yard sale stuff didn't require help to move it!

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