Hello, again. Keith and Bro. Keith went to the bank this morning to see about financing for the property I mentioned yesterday. Because it is undeveloped land, the bank will only loan the church $25,000. We are praying that the Lord will provide another $25,000 which will allow us to make a bid of $50,000. Please make this a matter of urgent prayer.
First, that God will provide the finances we need
Second, that our bid will be accepted
Finally, that the owners would not choose to reclaim the land before the deal is final.
Thank you for joining with us in prayer. We have faith that God will give us the perfect place to build in His perfect timing. It is our prayer that this will be that place & time.

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J.H said...

Praying for you.
I just recently went through house bidding as well (the story is in my blog), and I rest assure that the Lord will provide our needs, in His way, in His time :-)

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