Do you wear prescription glasses?

We first heard about Zenni Optical two years ago from a friend. A few months later, in the middle of a church service my glasses broke in two. There I was stuck wearing my prescription sunglasses looking like I was fighting a hang-over. We were at the beginning of deputation and funds were tight. Earlier that summer Keith's frames broke and we had crazy glued them together. Since we couldn't afford regularly priced glasses, we thought we'd give Zenni Optical a try. Keith ordered a pair of frames with ultra thin lenses and two pairs of clip-on shades and I ordered a pair of regular eye glasses and a new pair of sunglasses. The total charge for all three pairs with shipping and handling was less than $150 US! Tonight, my father-in-law ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses and the total was about $30 US.

Most people who wear glasses have tried on enough pairs to know what style looks best on their face. Zenni makes it easy to choose a pair. Each frame includes the size of the width of the frame, the height of the lens, the width of the lens, the width of the bridge, and the length of the arms. All you have to do measure the frames you already have. Now you can narrow down which frames will fit you nicely. Once you choose your frames you will need your prescription. You will also need the distance between your pupils. This is something you will need someone else to do. Zenni explains how to do this. That's it. The frames range in price, but are almost all under $30 US. This includes the price of the lenses which are 1.57 index.

With the price being so low, you may even want to splurge on an extra pair to give yourself a change. We have been wearing our glasses for a year-and-a-half and the only problem we had was with Keith's clip-on shades. His glasses are rimless and so without a frame the plastic lenses of his shades didn't survive our kids. Actually, one was broken by a kid and the other pair went through the wash.

Well, we're off tomorrow to head back to London, Ontario. We won't have a connection all the time, but I will try to get in a post or two. I'll miss you all. Have a great Resurrection weekend. God bless.

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Covey Family said...

sounds neat!! I got my glasses from I got a pair of glasses, and sunglasses, all under $50.


Sandra said...

I've never heard of this. Thanks for posting it. My husband has sensitive eyes and he has to wear sunglasses and he also has to wear glasses all the time. He is rough on them at work so this will be a blessing to get them cheaper.

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