Have you missed me?

Hello, Everyone. I'm still here. I can't believe I haven't posted in so long. During the month of April, we didn't have an internet connection. Our first service in Kenora was May 2. We jumped in with both feet and have been running ever since. God has blessed us with so much. We were able to find a beautiful home to rent and our new church family sacrifice much to furnish it for us. It still amazes us that we are here. God is so good.

Our new church family is wonderful! They have shown us so much love it is easy to love them back. I'm getting used to hearing Keith called "Pastor," although, I don't think I'll ever get used to being called "Mrs. Loveless" by adults.

Kenora is a beautiful place to live. I can now get to church without the GPS and I think I know how to get to the mall. We've figured out how to use the church photo copier, although, we still can't get it to print; I've learned how to make the bulletin; and I've fumbled my way through a new nursery schedule. I'm well on my way to being a "certified" pastor's wife/church secretary :o)

Victory Baptist Church meets in rented facilities and beginning in June we will be meeting in the Norman Community Center for all services. Please pray with us that God will provide a permanent meeting place. Our Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills (and Kenora probably has about that many hills:) so we have faith that He will provide just the right property at just the right time.

As a missionary, I had heard a lot about culture shock. Although Kenora is a northern tourist community, and I'm used to urban Southern Ontario; we really have little culture shock. But nobody ever warned me that after two years on the road, getting back to a "normal" household routine (if that's possible in the ministry) would be the greatest shock of all. Sunday morning as I was getting breakfast, I realized I hadn't planned anything for lunch. I grabbed a roast out of the freezer (another gift from our new friends) and thawed it a little and put it in the crock pot on high. I prayed all the way through church that it would be cooked when we got home (gotta have faith). I was disappointed to found that the house was lacking in the tantalizing smell of cooking roast. My hubby found the roast completely uncooked -- in my rush, I had forgotten to plug in the crock pot!

At least my family is used to my scatter-brained ways. Hopefully, my new church family will also get used to me. At least everyone will have a new reason to laugh! Besides....

God doesn't call those who are qualified -- He qualifies those whom He calls. 

Until I get used to being a housewife again and a pastor's wife, my postings will be a little more sporadic. I have missed you all and hope to get back to posting at least once a week soon. Have a good day!

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Deborah said...

I just emailed you and then saw your post!
Your new home looks lovely!
Do we have to call you Mrs. Loveless now too? LOL
Just wondering....who's choice is it to call you Mrs. Loveless? I know every church is our previous church we called our Pastor's wife by her first name as that is what she preferred. Most people there were first name basis.
Here, the men call our Pastor's wife and all other ladies Mrs., but ladies call her either Mrs. or by her first name. When I'm talking to her I use her first name, but otherwise I say Mrs.
Men in the church are generally called Bro. so and so.
It took me a long time to get used to the formality....I prefer first names!

J.H said...

What a lovely home.
I love your quotation there :
God doesn't call those who are qualified -- He qualifies those whom He calls.
Big amen to that!

Carole Tetrault said...

I am so happy for you folks. Everything sounds wonderful there in your new church and home. We're still praying for you here in Maine! Love you all!!! God Bless!


Aliene said...

Don't know when you wrote this post but sounds like you are settling in the role of pastor's wife. Think of you often. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Sister Julie! Your back! Yes, I have missed your posts! Welcome back! So I am correct to assume that you are in Ontario then? Your new home looks lovely!

Mrs. E
A Country Helpmeet!

HOPE said...

I admired your words...about your NEW people..

They are easy to LOVE back..AMEN! So happy you have people eargerly loving you!

and the last quote...

God doesn't call the qualified..he qualifies those whom he calls!

I agree J.H.!!!! AMEN for the good work of the us!

As with Deb...our Pastor ask that we call him Bro. since he too is a member of the church! ..and his wife is Sister so and so. They are such a great couple that you don't loose the respect in the familiarity of names.

I taught First Grade for years so am STILL known to many as MRS. so and so...due to the "kids" sake. SIGH but also in the South many refer to ladys as Ms. First name..married or not so the kids are respectful yet know you personally.

I think they should just call you Mrs. LoveABLE...

God bless!!!

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