What a summer!!!

Well, we had quite a summer! let's see if I can catch you up.

We had our Summer Revival services with Dr. and Mrs. Cook. A few days later Jerry fell from the top of a thirty foot pine tree, was air lifted to Winnipeg, and -PTL- was sent home the next day with nothing but a sore back (which still bothers him some.) Next week, we had our Anniversary Services with Bro. Jeff Friesen. The men had their first ever men's fishing retreat. Josie cut her own hair and had to have it cut quite short. (her bangs have almost grown back, two months later:o) Our church pianist moved to the US with her new husband. Our dog, Chance, was killed by a truck. We got a new puppy, Hoss. I cut my own hair and it doesn't look awful! Keith started a new part-time job in the early mornings Monday to Friday. I made wild plum jelly for the first time ever and it was very good. (To bad the bear had to eat the rest of the plums before they had a chance to ripen. Next summer he and I are going to do battle.) Keith started a Bible institute for our church members on Thursday nights. Jerry lost his first tooth and taught himself to ride his bike without training wheels. Kaylee learned to tie knots in everthing and Josie learned to tie her tennis shoes. Oh, and I found a new favorite bread recipe.

We are now six weeks into the school year. Jerry is doing very well. We are using Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum. So far I really like it! Josie is in Kindergarten and is beginning to read three letter words. Kaylee, is also learning her ABC's and 123's from her Brother and Sister.

Life is good! God is Great! Now that I'm back into a regular routine, I hope to see more of you all.

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Deborah said...

Hello there! Nice to hear from you! Sounds like you had an eventful summer.

Kim homeschooling mom of 4 said...

Wow! What an eventful time that your family has had this summer. Good to see your newer post.


Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Sounds... CRAZY!
Crazy is sometimes fun, and seems to be normal at our house:)

Just us.. said...

Ya,blogging again--I LOVE it;)

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