Swim in style and modesty this summer... A dream come true.

Have you noticed that its easy to find swim shorts for boys that come below the knee, but what the world considers "modest" swimsuits for girls usually leaves the chest somewhat bare and doesn't cover the thigh at all. Now, as the world becomes more concerned with UV exposure, They are coming out with rash guards and board shorts for girls. But I want my girls to be a little better covered and a little more feminine. The question is...

Is it possible to find a swimsuit that is modest, feminine, and stylish?

Drumroll, please..... DUM, DA, DA, DUM, DUM, DUM....

The answer is YES!

In my search, I have found a list of sites that sell modest swimsuits. Some sell patterns as well. Some are way over priced, while others are quite reasonable. The first two listed will even custom sew the suits to your measurements and standards. Some even sell Plus size suits! Where are these answers to the modest woman's prayer?

Here they are:

Comstox -- Modest Swimwear
Modestly Yours Swimwear
Dressing for His Glory
Hydro Chic
Meant To Be Modest
Sea Secret
Oceane Pearl
Simply Modest
Fashionably Modest Patterns

No more capris, culottes, men's shorts and t-shirts! Swim in style and modesty. 

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Shane and Kristy Davis said...

I made Emma one of these last year... unfortunately it is too small this year. I just ordered from a website called We got the little girls pink check, long shorts and shirt. The shorts are loose fitting, and I am pleased with the quality.

Shabby Soul said...

Wal-mart has a swim skirt for $12! I just bought one this week. They have an adjustable kind of waist and can be made a dress or a skirt!

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