Frugal Butter

I was raised using butter on toast. Please, forgive me, but the thought of using margarine on toast or muffins is unthinkable. My husband and children don't know any better, but I cannot make the switch.

Now I don't have to. At our last ladies meeting, we shared different frugal tips and recipes. One of my ladies shared this wonderful tip which I have tried and it is wonderful!

Mix equal amounts of butter (at room temperature) and oil (I used Canola, but anything with a light taste should work.) Beat it until it's like whip cream and pour it into an old Margarine tub (Reuse, the number one rule of frugality!) It will seem very sloppy, but don't worry. Put it in the fridge and it will harden to a margarine-like consistency. Use it like you would butter or margarine. It stays spreadable in the fridge so no more hard butter tearing up fresh bread.

WARNING: If you use beaters wear an apron! I got butter and oil all over my new sweater. A food processor, blender, or Kitchen aid mixer would probably solve that problem.

Now, not only have you stretched that butter, but you have made it healthier too! I got five cups of spread out of one pound of butter. Good health and frugal living in one! Way to go, Linda!


Lezanne said...

Dear Julie
Thank you very much for the tip - I will try it and let you know. I agree with butter on toast and scone, the margarine just taste artificial.

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