Howdy, Pardner!!

This is what I did this afternoon....

I made a dress for Jocelyn yesterday and was about to start one for Kaylee, when I got an idea. Jerry's been wanting a cowboy vest since he got his hat and guns at Christmas.
I remembered this piece of material Keith's aunt had given me. It was some kind of synthetic suede-like brown fabric. You know the kind that gives you the willies when you rub it? (((shiver))) Anyhow, it made a perfect play vest. It turned out fairly well, I think.
Now that I've sewed something for my boy, I can get back to Kaylee's dress. I also need to get some trimmings for Josie's dress. Well, gotta go get my little cowboy ready for bed. Daddy's coming home later this evening and I promised to have the kids asleep before he gets in.

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Carole Tetrault said...

Awww, he looks so adorable! Nice job on the vest!

Deborah said...

Very cute!

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