Math Made FUN

I know, I know. I NEVER post anymore. Well, I'm not a very organized person and posting on Blogger just isn't a priority. But I do want to share something with you that I found this week.

Here at the Loveless home, we home school. We're trying a new schedule this year, (which is working out great) and started the year in the middle of July. We get a week off every month, two weeks at Christmas, and six weeks for summer. Anyhow, that was simply to explain to you why we are in school in the summer time.

Now to tell you what I wanted to share. This year, we're using a new math cuuriculum, Math Mammoth which is great (and VERY affordable)! Maria at Math Mammoth teaches more than facts, she teaches concepts. Jerry's curriculum last year was a little more traditional. He hates boring facts and so instead of memorizing them he adds on his fingers and toes. Well, this year is different. I've been working with him on learning to add mentally by making groups of tens. Jerry is VERY hands on in his learning and so I looked online for a simple, inexpensive abacus. What I found was even better! Instructions on how to make one myself!

I love DIY if it doesn't involve a lot of money, equipment, brain power, or time. All I needed was four craft sticks, five bamboo skewers (which I cut in half), 100 pony beads (in color groups of 5), and some good ole' fashioned Elmer's glue. The abacus is hand sized, inexpensive, and if my active, accident prone boy breaks it, it won't break the bank! Here's the finished product....

With Math Mammoth and this... Math just become more fun!!!

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