With God Nothing is impossible!!!!

Today is one of those, "It IS possible" kinda days. First, our youngest, Kaylee, has decided this week that she is ready to be a big girl. I was beginning to think she would never do it. We started potty training a year ago, but with all the changes in our family, it was pretty much a bust. I tried EVERYTHING and what it boils down to is... when their ready, their ready. Anyhow, this morning while I was teaching Jerry, Josie came running downstairs saying excitedly, "Mommy, guess what Kaylee's doing!" Kaylee was playing with her big sister when she got that special feeling. So, without any help, she used the BIG potty and did number two!! Now if I can just teach her the value of getting wiped BEFORE putting her culottes back on!

Jerry is doing well in school and can read long vowel words that follow the silent "E" rule and the "When two vowels go out to play a game, the first one usually says its long name" rule. I love the look when he reads something all by himself. Its a whole new world!

Josie is also doing a little preschool and loves school. She interrupts her brother several times and can be found sneaking around the corner listening  in on his lessons. She's learned the days of the weeks from eavesdropping. She's going to be fun next year. Josie has a fairly bad speech impediment which I'm afraid might hinder her reading skills since she can't hear the difference between certain sounds. I've learned a valuable lesson -- be careful what you name your child, because you don't know if they are going to have difficulty speaking. That's why Jocelyn insists on being called Josie, her given name is Jocelyn Louise Loveless, four "L"'s which come out as "y"'s when she says them! If any of you home school parents have dealt with this, I would love your advice on how to help her with it.

Overall, its been a great morning. Now to make lunch. After that, I have a bulletin board to decorate for our ladies' Bible study tonight. Have a great day and hold on to those glimmers of success. It IS possible!

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Lori said...

I taught a little boy in first grade that had a problem. He had to have his tongue clipped due to it being tied. He had to learn to put his tongue to the top of his mouth right behind his top teeth to "lalala" Once he was able to "lalala" we moved on to making sure he put his tongue in the correct place when saying other sounds, like the "t" sound. Check her tongue. It could be that she needs to train it.

I hope I made sense.

Just us.. said...

Nice to hear things are working out for you.
I heard something once that stuck with me...It is NOT about perfection BUT rather progression and its oh sooo true.So keep pressing on...
Good job reading Jerry we are so proud of you....Joycelyn you are becoming quite the young lady...and Kalyee way to go( keep those pants dry girl;)
Looking forward to reading further blogs ahead!!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

I have been trying to train Isabella (2 1/2) since September. She didn't care at first, but has been wearing "big" girl panties for about a week. Keep your fingers crossed! However, she's hiding to go #2! Potty training can be really trying work for a mommy:) Since she's my 4th... I have been way more relaxed than with the first child.

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