Free Math Curriculum

A friend of mine told me about this full math curriculum. It's from Great Britain. It can be used for homeschooling or in a classroom setting. It begins with kindergarten (reception is what they call it in the UK) and goes straight through Secondary School. I've been using it all week and Jerry loves it! I started him on the first level since he already knows his colors, shapes, and can count to two hundred. So, I started using the kindergarten level with Josie who's four.

This curriculum teaches not just math but also, critical thinking, problem solving, and mental math. If your child is bored to tears of drills and facts, you should take a look at this program. The only down-side is that some of the words used are a little different since it is from the UK. For instance, lorries instead of trucks.

The best thing is, it is entirely free. The lesson plans are made out for you and the flash cards and work sheets are available for printing. And some of the learning posters are in color. Other than a few simple, inexpensive items like counting sticks this program provides everything you need.

Jerry and Josie can't get enough, and if you knew our Jerry that's saying a lot! He's a very a active boy that needs to be challenged in order to keep his attention.

Well, I'm having trouble with Blogger tonight, so I think I will sign off. Let me know what you think about the curriculum. Good night.

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