Two posts in one day! Well, I just had to share this You Tube link. I guess this happened in a mall in Welland Ontario last month. I wish I could have seen it in person. Check it out:

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Just us said...

Welcome back to the world of bloging...I saw this"youtube" on another friends blog and your right,it would have been great to have been there;) Have a great day and again good to be able to view the site yet again.Looking forward to your days there ahead!

Deborah said...

What a great way to witness! I had this emailed to me last week.

~Christian Country Mama~ said...

WOW! This was great! First I've seen of it. I wish something like that would happen here! I LOVE your Blog by the way. Your children are SO adorable. I'm "trying" to potty train my 2 year old, also. Sometimes she tells me...and sometimes she don't! :OP
She woke up a while ago soaked, so I decided to read a few Blogs. Have a great day tomorrow, pray for me though cause I had trouble sleeping tonight and I SURE will be tired tomorrow!!!


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