Date Night Deal

Last night was our date night. Most Friday nights the kids go to bed and we have dinner together and watch a movie. Nothing special, but its our night. Last night, Keith treated me to pizza, the real thing, not the kind I make at home. This pizza came from Domino's. Anyhow, we knew we were being a little indulgent, but everyone needs to splurge once in a while, right?! I ordered the pizza online and Keith went to pick it up in town. When he arrived there was no pizza. The employee at the counter discovered that someone had given our order to the wrong person. All we ordered was two medium, two-topping pizzas and we ended up with the pizzas, an order of cheesy bread, and a 2 liter Coke -- all for FREE!!!

Isn't it nice when God blesses you in this way? This has been a good week, Sunday, someone gave us $50 in answer to our prayer. We were able to buy Jerry a pair of church shoes and a pair of running shoes that he needed very badly. God is good. How has God blessed you this week?

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Honeycombs said...

I've known the Lord's provision many times but it still amazes me when he does it. Have a blessed day.

jsut us said...

Hey,wheres my kiding happy to share in your moment as I just love it when those things happen...

Anonymous said...

Someone blessed us with a 50 dollar gift card to Nieman Marcus.....I don't even live near a town that has one of these stores..... The cheapest stationary was around 120.00 picture frames were around 80.00....I might have been able to find a pair of socks... :)

However, I have been needing a new hand mixer...the little beaters don't stay in anymore....

Well, they have a 60.00 hand mixer and there was no shipping fee!!! A new cuisinart hand mixer for a mom that loves to bake for her family!!!

Thank you Lord!!!
Melissa D. SC

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