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Have you ever wondered about the origin of different signs and symbols we use? I'm not one to take another's pet traditions as truth, so I like to research things from both the Christian and non-Christian point of view. For instance, the peace symbol.

I've always been told that the inverted cross was a satanic symbol. And yet, I'm seeing more and more Christian young people sporting it. So, today, I decided to do a little search. I found several different explanations available. So, after reading several of them, I decided to take a look at the oldest available mention.

The oldest use of the "Peace" symbol dates back to the early Christian era. It did indeed mean peace, but it didn't stop there. You see, Nero, used it to symbolize world peace without Christianity. Tradition states that Peter was crucified upside down. Although we don't know this for certain, we do know that even today, the upside down cross is used to symbolize opposition to Christ, Who, as we know, was crucified on a Roman cross. The circle is used in Satanic religions to mean that something is complete. Nero used this symbol to show his intentions to eradicate Christianity and, therefore, to bring world peace.

That said, we need to remember, that most Christians today are not aware of the history of the peace symbol. They wear it as a statement of true peace, the peace that only God can bring to a troubled soul. It is not for us to correct every well-meaning person that walks into our churches. I personally, will never wear a peace symbol, but I will not dictate the lives of others.

I simply thought it was interesting to see the uses of the peace symbol throughout history. Do your own search and see what you come up with. Don't take the word of tradition. God's Word says to "study to show thyself approved..." If its not black-and-white in Scripture (you know, "Thou shalt not...") be careful that your not following the traditions of men. Never take a stand until you know why you're standing and can back it up.

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J.H said...

Sister, another very mind compelling entry. Love it.
That's makes me wonders too... when you mention about "human tradition". I know it is widely acceptable in baptist world that woman wears skirt and man wears trousers. I find nothing in the bible that say this except that to make man and woman looks "distingushable" from each other. Interestingly, that in my country is known that man... wear skirt in formal occassion as a show of respect. We normally differentiate man and woman from the length of hair, head covers, hair pins and earring. Now, I am a bit confused on because many baptist think trousers is not modest for women - it's not something to do with length or shape. And if I remember jesus's time, man and woman both wear robes not skirt or trousers.
My local pastor in Indonesia told me skirt and trousers to differentiate man and woman are western influence. Is that true?

J.H said...

Thank you sister :-)
In fact I did start to wear lots of long skirt here in UK since I know about culture perception that "skirt is more feminine", although when the day is cold I tend to wear layers of trousers.
My huband is indonesian too, so he used to see me in trousers/cullotes with long tops (that covers up to your hip or knees). However, he didn't mind I wear long skirts in UK.

I did question a lot "why do I have to wear skirt"? and I think you are so far the only one who I feel answer my question. Most of other baptist woman I met just told me "to do it". But I thought everything must be done "in faith", so I find it wrong if I obey something to please my pastor or other human and not the Lord.
Well, I guess I have to learn much from you! Btw, what is feminism?? (is that mean being feminine?).

Obviously in my country woman wear trousers because it is easier working on the paddy field, riding bicycle, doing lots of other work with it without exposing bits you don't want to other to see. And no one dare to wear skimpy or super tight trousers like I saw here (some with torn/hole and other weird stuff), in my country - you'll either end up being raped or stoned :-)
Here is one the picture of man and woman in my country :

Btw, thank you sister, such a blessing to know a Godly woman like you:-)

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