Download music CD for just $2

If you like good, Christ-honoring music...

I just downloaded the BTM Sampler CD from! It is available for only $2, plus a post! Get yours today by going to this link: Bible Truth Music

The CD contains 16 songs, one song each from 16 favorite Bible Truth Music recordings.

Song List:

1. Lift to the Savior an Anthem of Praise (from Victory Is Won)
2. Amazing Grace (from 
Rejoicing in Jesus)
3. He Went Away (from 
Speak Peace to My Heart)
4. Lifted Up (from 
One Voice of Praise)
5. There Is Grace (from 
I Can Tell the World)
6. When I'm Afraid (from 
Near to the Heart of God)
7. He Suffered All for Me (from 
This Is My Song)
8. I Believe (from 
Come to Jesus)
9. God So Loved (from 
Bible Songs for Kids #1)
10. I'll Live in Glory (from 
What a Happy Day!)
11. Sweet By and By (from 
Bless the Lord)
12. Just Over in the Gloryland (from 
This Glad Hour)
13. Go and Tell (from 
Go and Tell)
14. Christ Is Mine, Hallelujah! (from 
Christ Is Mine, Hallelujah!)
15. Heaven's My Home (from 
Keep Praising Him)
16. Prisoner of Hope (from 
There Is a Friend)

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J.H said...

do they send worldwide? (I mean to the UK).

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie! It's Carrie, AKA The Country Helpmeet. I am going to have to check this out! Thank you.

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